This is the "how" of our unique, proven-successful approach to learning. Our core disciplines of Visual Arts, Media Arts, Design, Engineering and Service-Learning are all considered avenues for engaging in creative inquiry, or questioning, to learn. 

It may seem unnatural to include Engineering and Service-Learning here, but learning and engaging in successful work in both of these disciplines requires the same kind of dedication to problem finding, concept development, brainstorming, and problem solving as creating a series of photographs, making a painting,
or designing a logo would.


​So we decided it's time for these academic disciplines to start speaking the same language. We combined Harvard University Project Zero's Studio Habits of Mind and Visible Thinking Processes, Standford University d.School's Design Thinking process, NASA's Engineering Design Method, the universal scientific method, and the artistic creative process into
a streamlined Creative Inquiry Process, and 
Studio School students learn to approach their project-driven work in all classes using this fluid process.


As students exercise their creative questioning, they also learn
to intentionally consider their influences, the audience and the purpose of their work, to contextualize what they do and learn, and to make inventive work as solutions to problems and expressions of ideas that are meaningful to them. This requires students to observe, research and explore many ideas,
understand the world through diverse perspectives, envision, stretch and explore, reflect, express ideas, engage and persist, and develop craft.​


Countless educational experts have shared that learning a
specific skill set or simply memorizing  facts doesn’t have the value in today’s world it once did. This is why
we focus instead on helping students learn how engage in creative inquiry so they can apply their knowledge to addressing real problems. We're confident this approach will best prepare students for life beyond the classroom in the 21st Century as engaged global citizens.

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